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Learn More About Retention

Learn More About Retention

After most people are off braces, they think the orthodontic treatment is complete. But, this is not entirely the case, as straightening your teeth is usually half the journey. The other half requires you to maintain the teeth in that shape and position. This brings in the need for dental retainers.

While it might be pretty simple for grown-ups to wear retainers, ensuring kids are always in retainers is quite a task. Since your dental formula is one of the most crucial things that define one’s first appearance, you should be cautious about the persons who handle your dental issues. Always seek experienced professionals to guarantee you the best healthcare services.

Having treated numerous clients for over 36 years at Harmony Orthodontics, we believe that maintaining your new and healthy smile is through wearing retainers. Also, the patient will be required to follow the appropriate practices with respect to retainer maintenance and oral health. Depending on your previous treatment, you can be prescribed a lower or upper retainer. These retainers will ensure your teeth remain in the newly acquired and ideal position, thus creating a beautiful smile.

What are Retainers?

Retainers include pieces of metal or plastic customized for each patient according to their needs. Usually, retainers cannot be the same since each is made to match the alignment of your teeth and the shape of your mouth.

There are two main types of retainers:

Fixed Retainers

These include retainers made from a thin and custom-fitted wire. It is bonded to the inner side of your upper or lower teeth.

Removable Retainers

These include retainers that can be worn and taken out daily by the patient. Primarily, removable retainers can be clear, including transparent trays made from plastic-like material or made from plastic and wire.

Why Should You Wear Dental Retainers?

Whether you are an adult or a kid, retainers are crucial after the braces sessions are over. This is because the retainers help the bone that holds the teeth rebuild after moving. Also, retainers help maintain the newly acquired teeth structure after active orthodontic treatment.

An orthodontist can sometimes recommend a retainer to address a space between two teeth or when moving a single tooth. In such cases, braces may not be necessary, thus the need for retainers, especially in children.

Besides helping shift your teeth, retainers can also be used in kids having tongue thrusts. Tongue thrust includes a condition where a kid’s tongue slides through the teeth when talking. Therefore, some retainers will be explicitly designed to restrict the tongue from moving forward when talking. Also, retainers are a perfect solution if your kid has a temporomandibular disorder (TMD) following teeth grinding (bruxism). Besides, they can help prevent your kid’s jaws from coming into contact at night, thus eliminating teeth grinding.

Tips to Foster Your Child’s Habit of Wearing Retainers

While it can be pretty uncomfortable to wear retainers, especially for children, you can follow a few tips to encourage them to wear them. They include:

  • Reward your kid for wearing the retainers, especially in the first few weeks.
  • Customize the retainer with your child’s favorite cartoon character.
  • Always remind your kid of wearing the retainers and their importance

How Do You Care for Your Retainers?

Unless you are brushing or eating, you should always wear your retainers. It is important to note that retainers are pretty fragile and costly to replace. For this reason, at Harmony Orthodontics, we will provide you with a particular case to protect your retainers from misplacement, breaking or loss. It is an excellent idea to develop a habit of storing your retainers, in this case, whenever they are not in your mouth, to avoid contamination. Also, do not forget to wear them when playing games that require a mouthguard.

Fortunately, cleaning your retainers does not involve a complicated procedure. You must brush them with regular toothpaste and rinse them properly with cold water. Ensuring your retainers are regularly and thoroughly clean is critical as it prevents the build-up of food particles that could decompose and damage them or your teeth.

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